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Roses, Alexander Calder, 1966

Original lithograph

From Derrière le Miroir, N° 156

Printed by Mourlot for Galerie Maeght, Paris 1966

11 x 15 inches/38 x28 cms

Vellum paper

In excellent condition

Available framed or unframed; please see our framing specifications for  options.

Roses, Alexander Calder, 1966

  • Alexander Calder (1898-1976) was an American artist best known for his works that focus on form, balance and movement. His famous mobiles are playful as they hang in the air oscillating. Inspired by the cosmos, Calder’s works evoke the feeling of vastness and moving systems in a colourful, yet calm atmosphere. Calder spent much of the height of his career in Paris where he circulated with other prevalent artists. Calder’s quest for creating fun and entertainment through art can be seen in his mobiles, sculptures, gouache paintings and even jewellery. His innovation regarding abstract art makes him one of the most significant pioneers of the 20th Century.

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