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Here are some frequently asked questions to help answer queries.  If there is anything else you would like to know, just get in touch. We are always happy to help. 

What is the provenance of our collection?


 We acquired our collection from the private estate of the French poet Blaise Cendrars who was a regular
essayist on post-war Paris art. He was very much a friend to the artists in the Maeght stable and we feel this heritage adds resonance to our special collection.



Why are some lithographs signed and some not?


Many artists would have signed the first 100-150 editions, which were often numbered too. Many would continue to be printed up to approximately 800 editions.

Sometimes they are 'signed in the stone' which adds to their value. Where they are described as 'after' the artist', the printmaker's hand has actively generated the work, but always with the authority of the artist. This term is also used where a lithograph has been made as a handprinted copy of an original artwork, in the case of an artist like Fernand Leger, for example.



What makes the lithographs original works?


The nature of the lithographs and their creation means that despite being original, they are accessible at a lower price range - which is what Galerie Maeght intended to promote!



How are lithographs produced?


Usually lithographs are produced using artist quality pigments rather than standard printing inks, usually onto vellum or arches watercolour paper, which ensures their quality. Creating a lithograph involves drawing with greasy artists' quality crayons or a liquid called tusche, on a polished slab of limestone or aluminium plates. The term is derived from the Greek words for stone, “litho” and drawing, “graph”. They should retain their colour and quality for 100 years+ so long as they cared for correctly.



Why are some galleries selling the works at such varied prices?


Condition is always a significant component in pricing art. Due to their age some will be in worse shape than others which will definitely affect their worth. Many galleries will over-inflate the prices of these works as we are dealing with modern masters, knowing this will attract high-price sales. This goes against what we strive for at Modern Originals. We ensure our customers are purchasing real, original art at an affordable price, in the hope to make great art accessible to anyone. Therefore, we have chosen to price our works competitively.


How many lithographs are out there?

We do not know how exactly many exist today. Due to their age some have perished from poor conservation, while others have been simply lost. Do not let this put you off - this stands as the reason for their increasing rarity and, therefore, value.


How does Modern Originals authenticate the works?

With each piece you will receive a Certificate of Authetication. We have got the full Derriere Le Miroir artefacts that the works were enveloped in, originating from the collection of 20th Century French modernist poet, Blaise Cendrars; who was a regular contributor to Derrière le Miroir. We  acquired the collection from a descendant of Blaise Cendrars which informs it's authentication.


Are all the works sold framed?


We offer four standard framing options as well as a bespoke framing service for our collection of lithographs. You can choose from four custom-made styles to suit your taste, or get in touch if you want something more bespoke and we will quote to have your frame made. Allow 14 days for delivery if you choose a standard frame and 28 days if would like a bespoke frame made.

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