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Original lithograph from 'Derrière le Miroir', N° 163, 1967

Signed in the stone

Printed by Maeght,  Paris

15 x 22 inches

Vellum paper

In excellent condition for its age

Certificate of authentication

Available framed - choose from our custom-made options or contact us for a bespoke service to suit your needs - see our Framing section for full specifications.


Paul Rebeyrolle, abstract, 1967

  • Paul Reyberolle (1926-2005) was a French artist who was largely focused on displaying philosophical and political views though expressive abstract art. He even joined the Communist party in the 50s but left after five years. He went to Paris in 1944 to pursue his painting and his works are profound and full of nature, emotion and energy. His work was greatly admired the the artistic community of post-war Paris and particularly by Jean-Paul Sartre and Michel Foucault. You can visit a museum dedicated to his works in his hometown of Eymoutiers. 

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