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The Art of Giving: 'Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing' Chagall

Art is a gift, like friendship, that should grow in its depth, resonance and value as time passes. We have curated ‘The Art of Giving,’ of our online show, with, with this in mind. Rare, original yet affordable art from the post-war Paris period you can gift to those you love most during these unprecedented times. Running from Oct 26-Dec 31 we've chosen a range of works from our collection which would make unique festive gifts.

Much like now, 1950s' Paris was a period of monumental change for the art world as well as for society at large. Coming back to their city after the war, many artists like Matisse, Bonnard, Leger and Chagall, had to find a new way of selling their art in a destroyed marketplace.

With the help of printmaker and gallerist Aimè Maeght, they invented a new channel; collaborating on limited edition lithographs either ‘after’ (replicating) their works on canvas, or as entirely new graphic works to accompany their shows at Galerie Maeght.

Printed in collections called ‘Derrière Le Miroir' this practice enabled them to promote their work to a wider audience, and in so doing they created ‘art for everyone’ by triggering the affordable art market. Increasingly rare and valuable, these artist quality pieces are an amazing entry point into owning your own original modern art collection.

We have gathered some of these exquisite pieces and created a festive collection in time for the holiday season. We have selected potential, bespoke frames for each, which, for simplicity, are included in the price. Whether with or separated from those your love over the holidays, our art will be delivered direct, beautifully gift-wrapped and including your own personalised message.

Starting from just £150 and shipped internationally, make this festive season really special for those you love most.

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