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Portobello Road, the 90s - and the origins of Modern Originals.

My partner Charlie and I started collection modern original editions in the '90s in London. It was pre-web and I wrote for art magazines and ran a warehouse space down Brick Lane. Charlie, worked as a portrait and design photographer. We spent our Saturdays searching for rare, affordable artworks down the the Portobello Road and Church Street Market. We unearthed some real treasures - a Miro, Chagall, Matisse, Dali - as well as more contemporary works by Elisabeth Frink, Sandra Blow and others. The thrill of finding an affordable original work that we could actually hang on our own walls has never left us.

Modern-Originals is the outcome of this passion - our growing inventory means now we can share and extend it with others who would also love to build their their own affordable art collection. The idea is to focus on finding and selling affordable, original, modern editions by the most collectible modern 20th Century artists, that will provide you too with a lifetime of pleasure and value.

As the years have passed we've had kids, and, with a wrench, given up West London for the expansive horizons of rural Somerset, a place filled with its own deep-rooted creativity and hidden art treasures. I've written books and Charlie's opened Slade House; a modern art, furniture and design store. It's in a Georgian townhouse in the market town of Langport which has a growing art community and thriving cafe culture. Slade House will soon also become our home and a space to show art and share ideas.

Modern-Originals is my focus, and part of our online offer at Slade House. Please come by and see our collection of art, modern furniture and design. I am always happy tohelp you choose the right pieces for your home or workspace.

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