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Buying original art should be your new year's resolution. Here's why.

If the arrival of a new year has you wondering how you can enrich your life, in ways other than a health re-boot or writing a diary, then you should definitely consider the benefits of purchasing original art. Its time to ditch mass-produced, lack-lustre prints and take the plunge into collecting original pieces. Also, it will really vamp up your conference call background!

What can art say about you?

Not everything can be put into words. Art is a form of expression, not only for the artists who create it, but also for those who own it. It allows people to express their personalities, beliefs, feelings, hopes and philosophies in a visually engaging and expressive way.

How does art affect your social life?

In a world where we cant visit museums as readily, why not bring the experience home? Art encourages conversation, giving people permission to share thoughts, feelings, ideas and impressions that they might not ordinarily share.

How can art help your mental health?

Now, more than ever, mindfulness and mental health is coming into public focus.

Art let’s us take brief moments out of our busy lives to muse and explore fresh perspectives, reflecting on something other than our daily existences.

Why is it important for interior decoration?

Compare how you feel when you are in a room with bare walls to the feeling of when you find yourself in a room with walls full of art. Original art will give any space, homes or offices, character and warmth, transforming the room into a unique and engaging environment.

How will you make a difference to others?

We all need a helping hand in such difficult and unprecedented times. Buying art supports artists directly, allowing them to continue with their creative process. It is crucial to support local or small artists and art businesses to ensure the art world remains strong.

Is it good for your kids?

Children are fascinated by art. It prompts them to fantasise, explore and expand their perceptions of reality, travel to times past and future, and to dream of other possibilities. It will train their eye and inspire them to be creative and open-minded themselves.

What can you learn from owning art?

A work of art shows the personality, creativity, insight, inspiration, technical mastery and attitudes of the artist who created it. People who own art are not only able to experience, but also be inspired by these qualities on an ongoing basis. Therefore, you will learn about yourself. Often the personal meaning of an artworks changes as life progresses and experiences change - this is a magical element provided by original works.

What makes an original art work so much better?

Original works of art have a certain allure about them that reproductions and mass-produced decorative items simply don’t have. You always know just by looking at it that another person made it, and not a machine. Not to mention the fact that they have a much longer life due to the quality materials. Ideally, an original piece you love should be in your life for many years and never lose its capivating effects!

Is owning original art financially beneficial?

Though investment purposes shouldn’t be the main incentive for buying art, it is worth noting an original piece can often double in value over ten years - even better if you find something by a noteworthy artist!

Why should you purchase an artwork from Modern Originals?

We have a unique collection of original works here at modern originals by some very important artists. We hope to have something for every taste, to fit any space. Our works, all one size or another, are extremely versatile and vibrant, making them the perfect remedy for a boring white wall. The best part is, due to their original means of production at Derriere Le Miroir, they remain affordable. We truly believe everybody should access real art. Start your collection here today.

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