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Claude Garache (1929/30) is a versatile French artist whose has worked in painting, sculpture, illustration and engraving. His main subject is the female nude. He uses the a single colour, typically blood-red, on a clean white background to create expressive forms. As a creative, he has also worked alongside filmmakers and has circulated with many well-known artists such as Fernand Leger and Alberto Giacometti.


Claude Garache, Female Nude, Original Lithograph, 1975

  • Claude Garachewas born in Paris in 1929/30. During his 20s and 30s Garache studied sculpture and drawing under the sculptor Robert Coutin. Here he learnt the significane of human form which would later be translated in his preoccupation with the female nude. In the 50s, Garache spent time in the studios of Cubist Andre Lhote and revered artist, Fernand Leger. Garache also visited Alberto Giacometti and worked in the sculpture studio of the prestigious Parisian art School ‘Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-arts’. He travelled frequently in the 1950s, in Europe, the Middle East and the United States. In 1955 he worked as an artistic advisor to American director, Vincente Minnelli, during the filming of ‘Lust for Life’, a biography of Vincent Van Gogh. Garache continued his career and focused on sculptures. He is still alive today.

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