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Original Lithograph from 'Derrière le Miroir', N° 213, 1975

Printed by Maeght, Paris

Vellum Paper

11wx15h ins

In good condition for its age with some subtle lightsource damage

Certificate of authentication

from the collection of Blaise Cendrars



Claude Garache, Female Nude, Original Lithograph,

  • Claude Garache (1929/30) is a versatile French artist whose has worked in painting, sculpture, illustration and engraving. His main subject is the female nude. He uses the a single colour, typically blood-red, on a clean white background to create expressive forms. As a creative, he has also worked alongside filmmakers and has circulated with and worked alongside many well-known Modern masters in Paris during the post-war years, such as Fernand Leger and Alberto Giacometti.


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